The Industries Of The Hospitality Industry

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Professional Plan
Alexi Kondratuk
Comm. 115
Ms. Neal
July 16, 2015


This research papers describes the various Industries of the hospitality industry. The three I discuss are Food service managers, Lodging managers, and Chefs and Head Cooks. The vibrant and rapidly growing industry has highly demanded positions across the world. The various tasks and responsibilities of each career field are detailed. Information regarding the salary and projected growth rates of these individual careers is listed. I discuss why a certain career worked for me and the how it will benefit me in my lifelong learning experience. After reading, this may influence you to possibly consider a career in hospitality management.

Professional Plan Hospitality management is a growing and constantly changing career field. Hospitality management encompasses restaurant management, lodging and hotel management, and Chefs and Head Cooks. Across the globe restaurants and various eateries are always being built. People will always love to travel, so the need for new hotels and resorts is constantly needed. We all love to be treated hospitably and shown a new experience. Through this professional plan I will describe various aspects of this multi-faceted industry.

Food Service Manager Due to the constant growth of the restaurant industry, food service managers are an in-demand position. They have a multitude of tasks and oversee various sections of a…
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