The Inefficiency of Airline Security Essay

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Everyone who has gotten out of bed in the morning has been exposed to risks. Whether it be risks from the factors around them, from themselves, or from people around them, they have faced some kind of risk. Comparatively, risks presented by situations around them and by themselves are considerably controllable. The risks delivered by people around them, however, are the ones that tend to be the most formidable. When people have a determination to be destructive, they often select targets which will stir up the most attention. Attributable to the criteria terrorists search for, airlines are a common target for terrorist activities. One of the most memorable terrorist attacks revealed sizable gaps in the safety of airlines. Although airline…show more content…
Author Nathan Means and Edmund S. “Kip” Hawley, former Executive Director of Governmental Affairs for the Department of Transportation as well as former TSA Administrator describes how one of the requirements of the pat downs is that the TSO is required to run their hand up the passenger’s legs, up their thighs, until the officer feels that they have reached the passengers genitals (87). The searches experienced at most airports do not even come close to how thorough they should be. The occasional passengers who are given pat downs by TSOs who follow these requirements are the passengers who publicly protest pat downs. For the most part, however, these types of requirements which induce embarrassment for both the searchee and the search administrator are not followed. The searches TSA agents are supposed to be doing, but not, are the ones that actually make people uncomfortable. The level of search that is required for airline passengers is superfluous. TSOs understand this, but no better solution has been presented thus far. TSA has been made fully aware of the discomfort caused by pat downs and presented full body (backscatter) scanners as a solution, but these scanners present biological dangers and should not be used as a main investigation method. Backscatter scans have been considered dangerous as a result of the radiation emitted from each scan. The recommended limit of yearly
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