The Inequality And Inhumane Gap Between The Rich And The Poor

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“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” These insightful words were the beliefs of a 19th century philosopher named Karl Marx (“Marxist”). It is very difficult to sincerely comprehend how much truth lies within this simple idea. The very idea of humanity is rooted within the belief that we are all equal and should be treated fairly. So what happens that causes some of us rise to great power and incredible heights, while the rest of us suffer the inevitable calamity of poverty? Is it an unspoken actuality that some are born with intelligence and a path to success? Or is it just how we have created our world to function like? According to Marx, the inequality and inhumane gap between the rich and the poor is the result of a hypocritical, capitalist, government who has left little to no chance for the lower class to ever see the bright lights of prosperity. Marx came up with one basic principle: Everyone works according to his ability for the community not for the individual (“Communism”). For some this idea might be frightening, however, this really is the meaning of being human. Communism was never made to control people or take over small business who are dying to survive. This idea was built so that the rich could no longer take advantage of the poor. Marx spent years of his life trying to come up with the best systematic government in order to protect the rights of those who have no voice in society. He believed that the working class men
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