The Inequality Between Gender Roles

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At a very young age our beliefs start developing and our values become more and more important. Those experiences that we face during our childhood shape us up to be who we are today. Family, culture, and friends influence these beliefs constantly because they are who we look up to for moral support. However, the way we perceive the world doesn’t stop once we become “adults”, we all continue to grow and learn from our mistakes and experiences. It is fascinating to see how we evolve over time and how we manage to strongly standby what we belief no matter the circumstances. At a young age I began to recognize the roles between male and female figures in a household. These traditional roles I was familiar with were not satisfying, but…show more content…
Families are also expected to have many kids, thus having the mom stay home, as well as the father having total authority of the household. My father was very favored of my brother because I suppose he wanted him to grow up just like him; a hardworking man. Just as any other father, everyone wants their young boy to grow up to be a very successful man. I understood that, however my mother always had me inside cleaning, getting dinner ready, taking care of the baby, making sure rooms were always clean which overtime I began to grow tire of. In the short story “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro she describes the narrators life as a “hot dark kitchen” (141), a place the narrator tries to avoid working in, something that I can relate to. The young girl in the story wanted something different in her life, something more exciting that would not only better her life but would also expand her fathers’ relationship. As I stared to get older I began to argue on why my brother would not clean or wash the dishes. I thought it was unfair of me to always wash dishes while he sat and watched TV, she always answered; “he is a boy, he doesn’t know”. That still goes on today! It has come to the point where he just assumes I would do the dishes whenever is needed, and if I don’t do them then I get in trouble. Well that was the last draw, that’s where I began to try other things and fight for equality in my house. My
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