The Inequality Between Men And Women Based Solely On Gender

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A problem that has plagued our world for centuries is the inequality between men and women based solely on gender. This dilemma is one that occurs across every continent and has been the subject of many riots, protests, and discussions since the early centuries. Gender inequality can happen in any setting, time, and place. However, gender inequality is highly likely inside the workplace. Many employers discriminate against woman and sometimes then do not even know that what they are saying or doing is considered discrimination. Gender inequality in the workplace happens during the interview process, after being hired, and it can be seen through the use of pay discrimination and sexual harassment. An interview for a new job can be one of…show more content…
And if the answer is affirmative the interview is ended and these women are summarily kicked out the door.” Women across the globe are now being discriminated against because they have children. Many women have to work and provide for their families, but are afforded fewer opportunities to do so based on the fact that they are the ones to mainly support their children. During interviews male applicants are not asked if they have children because the fact that they do or don’t has no effect on their ability to get the job done. However, it is apparent that many employers feel that a woman’s ability to complete her job is based on whether she has bared any children. This one question during an interview can make or break a woman’s chances at getting hired and is should be seen as gender inequality to all. One major downfall to gender inequality is the difference in male and female pay. It is not enough that women are singled out based on their anatomy or the belief that men do a better job than women, they often times receive a lower salary than men as well. In the text “Gender Equality in Sweden” the Swedish Institute (2007) writes that, “Pay differentials between men and women can largely be explained by differences in their profession, sector, position, work experience, and age. But there are pay differentials that cannot be explained in this way but may be attributed to gender, what
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