The Inequality Between Upper Class And Lower Class

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We, as a society, often complain about how unfair the world we live in is. One of the more obvious distinction of inequality is that of the imbalance between the upper class and the lower class in today’s socioeconomic system. This one-sidedness is not due to the fault of anyone in particular, in fact there are several instances of someone trying to promote more equality in the system. Despite this, there is no denying that equality has not been achieved in even in the most basic facets of our lives. There is no such thing as equality in the socioeconomic balance of today whether in terms of economic opportunity, or due to favoritism in the social elite, or at the very basis because of racism and sexism.
When speaking about equality in today’s socioeconomic balance there are only a few unit of measurements possible to use in order to construct a conclusion. Possibly the most commonly looked at statistic when measuring economy is that of economic opportunity. The focus of economic opportunity is to create equal chances in the world for everyone despite their differing upbringings. In the United States of America, the most notable attempt to create equal economic opportunity was President Lyndon B. Johnson war on poverty reforms. It was Johnson’s hope that the reforms would make the USA “a more equitable and just country.” The reforms enacted several policies such as the provision to create the job corps whose main purpose was to create jobs and train poor urban youths to fill
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