The Inequality Of Black Americans

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Face Inequality Realism “Black people can not be racist, prejudice yes but not racist. Racism describes a system of disadvantage based on race. Black people can not be racist, since we can not stand to benefit from such a system,” (Dear White People). In the United States’ society, the oppression of black Americans is ingrained and rooted in history (“The Oppression”). With our country of immigrants, blacks were bought here by force and were kept as slaves for one-hundred fifty years (“The Oppression”). Granting that racism is a problem for many ethnicities, racism against black Americans is considered “justified” because racist ideologies borrowed from slavery, as well as the century old apartheid system called Jim Crow, which contributes to the idea of whites being superior (“The Oppression”). Though disguised and hidden present-day, it roots are found in the horrid inequality in healthcare, employment, and education segmenting black and white Americans (“The Oppression”). “I’m so tired of Black people pulling the race card when things aren’t going their way” (Ragad 1). “Simple statistics make it clear that African Americans and whites have very different realities” (Connelly 492).
When it comes to the health predicament, inequality between blacks and whites is determined by social factors (Randall 1). Blacks excessively have employment in low-pay, high-health-risk jobs because of the discrimination and restricted educational opportunities (Randall 1). Black Americans…
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