The Inequality Of Black Men And White Men Essay

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Through each hardship that Black men encounter throughout the years and today, many are resisting from mass incarceration and abuse through education. There are Black men in prison who are not educated and cannot be educated while in prison because of their system. 23 hours are dedicated to being inside of a prison cell and one hour is dedicated to them being outside. If they were released from prison, they would not be able to get a job because they are labeled as a felon, but also because they are uneducated in certain areas. They are declined from jobs because of their uneducated backgrounds. The difference in unemployment rates for Black men and White men are over 20 percent of a difference. Because of the educational and economic system, it has lead to the disproportionate involvement of Black men with the criminal justice system. But Black men resisting from the prison system, has enlightened some of America. The strategies that are used to value education and educating others are very important, many of people are educating others on mass incarceration and the abuse they face while in prison. Bryan Stevenson is a public interest lawyer who has dedicated his career to helping the poor, the incarcerated and the belittled. Through each case he resists against incarceration and abuse. Each person he meets, Stevenson acknowledges and educates people on the prison system, how to take stand and resist against mass incarceration and abuse even if you do not match the same

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