The Inequality Of Gender Inequality

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Which types of feminism can best account for the persistence of gender inequality? Include discussion of at least two different types of feminism.


It would be foolish to say that gender inequality is not a continuing problem in today’s society. However it is difficult to understand why this view is so persistent. This is due to the great variety of issues and the large number of competing and often contradictory theories that surround the study of gender inequality. In this essay three competing theories will be discussed, namely liberal feminism, radical feminism and postmodern feminism.
By looking at why each theory believes gender inequality exists, and then looking at the key thinkers and the evidence that they put forward, this essay will give an opinion on which of the theories best explains the persistence of gender inequality. Each theory will be critiqued by at least one of the other branches of feminism and then the ability of the theory to account for persistent gender inequality will be assessed.

Not every issue that the 3 theories see as causes for persisting gender inequality will be assessed, but instead the essay will focus on the issues that some of the most prominent scholars in each of the three fields believe are the key problems. All the forms of feminism that are being discussed in this essay acknowledge the under-representation of women, the higher…
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