The Inequality Of Homosexual Individuals Face Essay

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Acceptance in the lifetime that we live in is hard to give. There are many major issues within the world today. One issue that comes up in conversation several times is, the inequality that homosexual individuals face. Merriam Webster states homosexual means, of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex (Webster, 2016 p.1). To society if you speak, look, act different, or love someone who isn’t the same sex as you, it makes you unequal. You as an individuals aren’t allowed to be different and it be okay. In the Social Problems book under interactionist perspective it states, “In our society, no one gets “outed” for being straight. There is little controversy in identifying someone as heterosexual. Socially, culturally, and legally, the heterosexual lifestyle is promoted and praised. Although homosexuality has existed in most societies, it has usually been attached to a negative label—abnormal, sinful, or inappropriate. A homosexual identity also becomes a master status, an identity that determines how others view individuals and how individuals view themselves” (Leon Guerrero, 2015 p.128). Homosexual people go through this inequality every day of their lives because of who they chose to love. History shows that change can be made. It’s time for this to occur for the homosexual community and understand how you can help solve this inequality. To begin and help the homosexual community you must first understand their

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