The Inequality Of Income Inequality Essay

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Within the United States, a multitude of Americans live in poverty, actually, according to the Census Bureau in 2010, “there were 42 million poor people in the United States,” and a large portion of those who reside in the middle class are approaching the poverty line, thus, augmenting the amount of people who live in the lower class. As a result of this occurrence, income inequality has become a paramount topic in recent times, especially in the 2016 election. In addition of politicians and other government members discussing this gargantuan issue, professors, journalists, and others have written about this topic to inform the populace about income inequality, and provided ways to fix the issue. The authors Robert B. Reich, Gregory Mantsios, Alan Ajas, Daniel Bustillo, William Darity Jr., and Darrick Hamilton are experts within the field of economics and labor; however, all of these writers are people from different backgrounds, such as Robert B. Reich, who was the Secretary of Labor under President William J. Clinton, and Alan Ajas, who is a professor at Brooklyn College. Although these authors write about income inequality and its causes in the United States, each of the three essays written have a unique focus to each of them, a unique style they are written, and unique solutions to the problem plaguing the U.S.

In Class in America -- 2012, which was written by Gregory Mantsios, Mantsios differentiates between the myths perpetuated by American society and the

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