The Inequality Of Social Classes

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America is referred to as a molting pot, which means that it has a variety of ethnic cultures and backgrounds that are unified. Though America may be diverse, there is still a huge factor that separates people and prevents those from becoming an equal. That discrepancy is the iniquity in social classes. On September of 2011, Matt Wuerker a political cartoonist for Politico, published Kitchen Tables that highlighted the injustice in social classes. It is a cartoon that consist of three different drawings of kitchen tables that Americans sit around: a luxurious upper class, an average middle class, and a deprived underclass. Wuerker used unequal proportion between each of the drawings size to represent the iniquity within social classes. He not only gave the upper class half of the paper, but he also labeled it the “top 1%”. Wuerker even used colors that symbolized the meaning of the political cartoon. The upper class has an elegant golden table, with a purple shadow casting underneath it. The middle class has a green table, with a dirt green background. The underclass has a rusty bucket that is flipped upside down for a table, with a somber blue background. Wuerker used wit to display a serious message that is effecting people throughout America. Matt Wuerker used numerous ways that exemplifies the message he is trying to get across, and each of those make it an effective political cartoon for the minority of the Americans that can relate to it. It is natural for humans
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