The Inequality Of The United States

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The United States is currently experiencing increased income inequality and a large gap between rich and poor that continues to grow. After the Wall Street meltdown in 2008 and the recession that followed, economic recovery has been extremely slow and the inequality of America’s income distribution seems to be intensifying. Since the recession, the top one percent of earners in the US has experienced notably higher percentages of income growth, while the incomes of the middle class have become frozen with little to no significant increases. This has led to a substantial concentration of wealth. Many Americans have become skeptical and concerned about the chance of upward mobility in such an unbalanced economy. Education inequality is…show more content…
Experiencing much greater income growth, wealthy Americans are much more able and willing to spend money. This has resulted in the collapse and struggle of many middle class businesses. Global competition, the recession, and increased dependency on technology have fueled the fire of economic inequality. In the past, the United States has approached the economic inequality issue in a multitude of ways, including implementation of welfare programs, the formation of labor unions, tax raises, and tax cuts. Many of these same premises and ideals are being echoed in today’s debate as politicians struggle with what to do about the current inequality crisis. On the liberal side of the issue, experts propose a tax increase on the rich as a way to fairly distribute the wealth. President Obama and other liberals fear that the middle class is dwindling and will soon be practically non-existent. They claim that the government needs to act in order to provide opportunity for upward mobility. They point out the danger of having a small group of wealthy, powerful citizens whose only objective is to continually obtain and increase their power and wealth. Democrats claim that the rich are able to accumulate and hold on to wealth much more efficiently, while the middle class struggles to recover from the recession. Some liberals believe that due to a decrease in population growth, rapid economic

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