The Inequality Within Education With Sex And Gender

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This essay will examine the inequality in education that is present in our society in accordance with sex and gender. In recent years, females have been outperforming males in all subject areas. The term sex refers to the biological characteristics of a person’s body that makes them either male or female while gender refers to someone being masculine or feminine. (Stoller 1968, p.9) This essay will demonstrate why males are underachieving in the education system looking at it in terms of gender and sex differences and how they impact that. That will be followed by other factors affecting this result. Then, a few different perspectives on education will be looked at. In recent years as shown in the graph above, females have been outperforming males in education this has been causing inequality within education. In almost all subject areas females have a higher rate in having the required standards except for mathematics at key stage 2 in which the gender gap has been closed. The outperforming of females in the education system is caused by many reasons. The labour market for one has significantly changed. “With the decline of heavy industry, the increase in service-sector work, the increasing employment of flexible part-time workers and workers fixed-term contracts have all increased employment opportunities for women.” (Haralambos et al. 2004, p.769) When women notice that they have the opportunity to get employed and it is not as hard as it used to be they exert endless

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