The Inescapable Future Of Space Exploration Essay

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The Inescapable Future of Space
Throughout human history, man has looked into the stars with the inexorable desire to explore and seek understanding. In the modern era, this kind of exploration is possible, and only became realistically attainable recently. However, humanity with its rightfully diverse opinions has set blockades in its way to prevent this future of spacefaring. In fiction, science fiction, and even non-fiction TV shows, books, movies, et cetera, space exploration is not a matter of debate, but instead a matter of fact. Space exploration is prohibited by budget cuts and a great deal of misinformation and half-truths, both of which are completely unreasonable. Space exploration will bring with it leaps in technology and research, improved international cooperation, financial opportunities, and countless experience that can be added to humankind’s résumé. Because of its boundless, momentous benefits, space exploration efforts should be exceptionally increased.
In Star Trek, people have no need to worry about useless assets, like money, food, and housing, in the broad sense. Gene Roddenberry, the mastermind behind Star Trek, took special care to design fiction that was not only believable, but also incredibly plausible. The Earth of the twenty-fourth century is the complete antithesis of the Earth we experience today, yet it conversely fits perfectly into what Earth could become. People receive positions of power not based on money, but instead on experience and
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