The Inevitability And Fear Of Death

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Marie Fithian Callender World Lit 5 February 2015 The Inevitability and Fear of Death The Epic of Gilgamesh is full of themes in which the force of love, fear of death, and power of the Gods are portrayed. The theme of death and the inevitability of it are not only just themes but are themes that reflect on who Gilgamesh is as a character. Death is an inevitable and inescapable fact of human life, in which Gilgamesh is determined to overcome by becoming immortal. Because Gilgamesh is known for his godly power, strength, and ambition the gods decided to counteract his arrogance with the creation of Enkidu…man of the wild. Enkidu was created to put Gilgamesh in his place, but with a kiss they began to call one another brother. Gilgamesh the beloved king of Uruk is bitter that only the gods can live forever which ultimately decides that he shall find a way to prove differently. With the help of Enkidu, Gilgamesh sets out on a quest for immortality. The theme of the inevitability of death is prominent as shown by his fear, experience, and acceptance. Gilgamesh’s fear of death is what ultimately makes him the king his is in the end of the poem. Death is something in life everyone fears. People either except it or they do not. Most people take things for granted and do not realize till it is gone what they missed. Just like any other high authority who has made a name for him or herself, Gilgamesh does not want death to be in his future for he wants to carry on his legacy for
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