The Inevitability of School Violence: No Need for School Reform

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The Inevitability of School Violence: No Need for School Reform “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” I have often heard. We know people kill people. The real issue now is whether or not people can change people. Some are of the opinion that we are capable of doing so; by implementing new reforms and tightening school security, people are, in effect, saying they have the solutions to the problems. The violence of recent school shootings has wrought anxiety and fear in parents, teachers, and administrators across the nation. The massacre of Columbine turned a public school library into a cemetery. The shooting in Oklahoma ripped us from the comfort of a stereotypical and easily recognized threat; now popular straight-A…show more content…
In the Greater Cincinnati area, schools have “tightened discipline codes, locked school doors...and adopted dress codes barring book-bags, coats, and other clothing...” (Mathis A3). Many people believe that tightened security will not only prevent guns and weapons from invading school premises but will discourage potential offenders from dangerous attempts. Such extravagant measures, while encompassing a broad range of potential violence, will still leave open many opportunities for disaster. The beep of a metal detector is not enough to alter a person’s intent; the absence of a book-bag does not close all avenues to a plotting mind. “We still have accomplished nothing if more metal detectors and security guards give us more Jonesboros, where kids pull a fire alarm to shoot their classmates as they’re exiting the building,” said Sandford A. Newman, president of Fight Crime (Mathis A3). We are locking doors while windows stands gaping open. Keeping guns off school property is not enough, for “people kill people.” Some advocate school dress codes, believing that uniform clothing will decrease student rivalry, eliminate unnecessary distraction, and minimize peer differences. The differences, however, remain. Uniform attire will not make anyone less skinny, heavy, pimpled, or attractive than they already are. Just as the body is not transformed by outward attire, the heart is not transformed by external improvements. It is
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