The Inevitable Accident

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It was the evening before the 4th, me my older brother Alex and my Dad were staying at my grandmother’s old, repainted house in Wakefield Massachusetts on North Ave right next to Lake Quannapowitt. All my family members get together every 4th of July at my grandmother’s house and have a huge barbeque, watch the parade and catch up on what happened since the last 4th. My oldest brother Jake lives in Massachusetts and attends the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML). He was staying with us so he could drive us around and just hang out as a family again. At around 8:00pm Jake’s blue Samsung touch screen phone vibrated on the coffee table as we were watching Wheel of Fortune. His college friend Andrew sent him a text message reading “whacha doin, wanna hang out?”. My brother then replied “nothin much, chilin with my fam, sure”. My brother asked if Alex and me wanted to go with him, but as always we had to get permission from my dad, A.K.A. the safety king, and surprisingly enough he answered “sure you can go, just be safe and be back by 10:00”. As me and Alex put our Nikes on, Jake was waiting in his red 2001 Chrysler Sebring, ready to go to Andrew’s house. When we arrived at Andrew’s house, well really his mom’s house that was away for the summer in Florida, we went to his backyard, where there was an old moldy wooden shed and thick, dried grass that looked like it hadn’t been cut in months. Andrew and two of his friends, Ashley and Ryan, were sitting around the back
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