Essay on The Inevitable American Civil War

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The American civil war was completely inevitable. Though efforts had been made by the Republicans to stop the war, southerners were the major contributors to the war. Actions of the southerners were intended at starting a war. Though northerners did not intend to start the war, they could not void retaliating after attacks were launched by the confederates.
The American civil war is one of the historic dark moments that are in the memory of the country was lasted for 4 years, between the years 1961-1965. The conflict that existed was between the north and the south states of the U.S. The conflict led to mass destruction of property and man lives were lost during the war. The war had a great impact in creating awareness in the U.S despite
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The inevitability of the war was due to the following reasons: Disagreement between the North and the South on Slavery
The most important and focal point of the war was slavery. In the 1800’s there existed the Free states and those states that were classified as slavery states. There existed major differences between these states over the authority of the government to halt and illegalize slavery. In the year 1860, presidential elections were in the U.S. The then presidential candidate of the Republican Party was completely against slavery in the U.S. On the other hand, the republicans were totally against the abolition and banning of slave trade in the U.S. Slaves were a contentious issue due to divided interests between them due to the role they played in the economies of the states that depended on the contribution of slave labor (James & Michael, 25).
Luckily or unluckily, Lincoln won the 1860 elections. The win meant that the agenda of abolishing slave trade in the U.S would be an automatic one but it did not come so easy, there was a battle ahead after Lincoln’s win that had to pay the cost for the anti-slavery campaign, the civil war. Before Lincoln was inaugurated as the next president of the U.S, the seven states of the south seceded to form what they referred to as the Confederate States of America. Other states from the north formed what they termed as union states. This move was termed as unconstitutional and inappropriate
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