The Infamous Story Of Dr. Jack Kevorkian

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The infamous story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian is a unique one. Professor Hengameh M. Hosseini wrote how he was a doctor and was one of the first notable physicians to aid in suicide for his patients that wanted it. In 1989 Kevorkian aided in Janet Adkins suicide, his first patient to do so. After many years of helping his patients in this way, Kevorkian got in trouble in 1998 when he got caught administering a lethal injection to Thomas York, a patient who was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease and wanted to die. Kevorkian got caught because he videotaped himself preforming the act because he wanted it to be broadcasted on 60 Minutes. Dr. Kevorkian was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison because of that event. He was considered an instrument of death who is a threat to the public (203-204). Some people see Kevorkian as a hero, but in reality, his practice of physician-assisted suicide is immensely wrong. The use of physicians to end one’s life is morally wrong and should not be legalized. Dr. Jack Kevorkian may have been onto something though. Today, physician-assisted suicide is legal in one state: Oregon. Medical Doctor Suzan Okie stated that Oregon has a set of laws for assisted suicide. The patient must be 17 or older, be able to communicate and make decisions, be terminally ill with less than six months to live, and the request must be written and spoken orally. If the doctor is suspicious of the decision, a psychiatrist can evaluate the patient’s mental condition (1627).

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