The Infancy Gospel Of James

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Ryan Scott Travis, Chelsea Wales, Paige Woods, Daniel Zydel
Dr. Ann Coble
REL 3015
3 February 2015
The Infancy Gospel of James: Extracanonical Exposé
Controversial and “embellished”, the Infancy Gospels of James, otherwise known as the Protoevangelium of James, has an extensive history in the archaeological sources of early canonical Christian writings; yet, the precise date when it was first transcribed is unknown. However, scholars know of two other ancient manuscripts that seem to refer to the Protoevangelium of James. Origen and Clement of Alexandria both wrote in their personal commentaries on the synoptic gospels, of aspects and storylines found in the Infancy Gospel. From this, one can reason that the Gospel would have to be written some time before the two writers’ deaths. Origen died in 254 AD, while Clement of Alexandria died in 215 AD. So the death of Clement of Alexandria and his explicit references to the Infancy Gospel has helped scholars determine that the original document must have been written by 215 AD at the latest. Otherwise, the Infancy Gospel of James would have to have been written at just before Origen and Clement of Alexandria had been born since there is no other evidence of scholars or theologians writing about the Gospel prior to the aforementioned writings.
Concerning the proliferation of the Infancy Gospel, elements of the Gospel are found in over 130 Greek manuscripts, the vast majority of which can be dated back to the tenth century or…

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