The Infant Mortality Is A Huge Issue Stopping Us From Moving Forward

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In our society Infant mortality is a huge issue stopping us from moving forward collectively. Social Reproduction is a theory proposed by Karl Marx claiming that inequalities are social reproduced from generation to generation. This supports the idea that those born into a lower class have a higher chance of become ill. Infant mortality is a huge issue in countries like America because instead of suffering from hunger and starvation. They suffer from idea that families can afford healthy groceries instead they are made to buy cheap fast food to get by each day. This affects the children’s health the most because they are in need for the right healthy foods to help them from getting disease like type 2 diabetes and obesity. In other countries around the world, Infant mortality is caused by malnutrition and starvation because the families can’t feed the mother to breastfeed the infants who are vulnerable. Childhood malnutrition is the biggest contributor to all death among children younger than 3 it accounts for almost 35 percent (Huber, 2012). According to World Health Organization, the most important solution to stop this would be the access for immediate and exclusive breastfeeding. We need to implement different policies to help make baby formula and medicine cheaper for children in need. We also can lower infant mortality by educating mothers and local health workers to help eradicate simple things such as malnutrition and disease.

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3.Social Darwinism
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