The Infant Mortality Rate Is Very High And The Death Rate

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There are concerns about the death rate in Zimbabwe. The infant mortality rate is very high and the death rate is generally high compared to other developing nations within the African continent. There are serious issues about the high death rate in the country. This has a lot to do with the actualization of individual rights to health and medical attention by their government. The concern also extends to the safety of the medical environment and facilities such as hospitals and research and treatment centers. Indeed, there is a major problem concerning the availability of resources to achieve all these as well as the intention to do so as well (Ndlovu, 2011). It is critical that at all times, there be a situation of guaranteed standards in such institutions. The health of the community is indeed affected by the policy decisions made by the government. While it may be difficult to completely rule out external factors that lead to such issues in death rates and infant mortality rates; the government ought to make steps to end such a trend.
Location and Geography of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is located on the Southern part of Africa; landlocked between Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. The country is approximately 150,871 square miles and ranks among the largest countries in the world as number sixty out of the one hundred and ninety six globally recognized countries. It is thus a fairly large country but quite average in size among African nations. The country
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