The Infectious Agent That Caused The Outbreak Of Watersedge Game Essay

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Outbreak at Watersedge game was a fun experience that allowed me to assimilate the epidemiological process, which I used in order to find the infectious agent that caused the outbreak and to identify the disease, caused by that agent. The process I went through in order to start my investigation started at the Watersedge Department of Health, where I visited as a new intern. At first I met Leslie Hernandez, the Health Planner, who directed me to Shoua Shinde, the epidemiologist and "department detective", whose areas of expertise were biology, microbiology, biostatistics, and knowledge of communicable diseases ("Outbreak at Watersedge," 2004). She informed me that there were many people in the hospital with severe diarrhea and other symptoms and asked for my help in order to understand what is going on. She introduced me to Terry Tower, the public health nurse, who offered me to analyze and map the results of the interview for the first five patients. After mapping the results of five interviews I pinpointed a place to start, which was the Thompson Park, because all five people aside from the other activities and places went there on the same day to participate in Thompson Park cleanup. Then Shoua asked me to go to the park, to explore and take notes of what I think could be important. Meanwhile the number of reported cases increased to 20. In the park I met Mai, the Environmental Health Specialist, whose areas of expertise was toxicology, biology, chemistry, water
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