The Inferno By Dante Alighieri

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Inferno by Dante Alighieri is beautifully woven to reflect the realities or unrealities of the time. The various circles of hell are used by the Florentine writer Dante, to tell the tale in a structured and elaborate manner, with the use of nine circles of the Inferno (Havely, 374). Interesting, however, is the manner in which Dante describes the characters, as they are seen to be facing tragedies in their life in hell. The author of this medieval text categorizes the different types of sins that people can commit and subjects the characters to various punishments; each is in a separate circle in hell. Lawall opines that the writer uses a style that makes the reader envision themselves in the poem (Lawall, 17). The infamous guide of Dante the character is none other than Virgil the poet, and being born before the time of Christ, places him in the category of a “virtuous pagan”, who is in a matter of speaking, lost and without hope in Inferno, but not without safety that the author bestows as homage to Virgil (Alighieri, 1028). With the various messages of political strife and religious tension seeping throughout the text of the Inferno, it is clear to see that a couple who faces a tragic situation that has no ending is Paolo and Francesca. In so doing, the author subjects this adulterous couple to relatively tragic states even though they appear to possess incredible beauty in character, personality and intellect. The journey through hell is as a result of Dante…
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