The Infinite Beauty Of Our World

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The infinite beauty of our world is one that demands a delicate balance of respect. For centuries, all life has coexisted with these just principles. Each time man’s reach exceeds his grasp, nature’s fury unleashes itself relentlessly and without pause. These grave disasters reshape the face of our planet, leaving behind scarred remnants of its former self for future generations to inherit. How much ill-fated treatment must our world endure? How long before a reckoning, too great a price, is paid for the mistakes of the past? Hydraulic fracking paves the way for such a future. A future built upon the needless sacrifice of life in the name of profit is no future for me. Life is precious and it comes without a price. With each passing day, fracking is allowed to go unchecked, unchallenged, and unanswered. Its actions induce unwavering harm to all things living under our blue skies. This must end, lest our world fall to ruin and despair. In the pursuit of a stance on the growing controversy that is fracking, one must be versed on the matter at hand. Hydraulic fracking has boomed the energy industry into a new era with roots that can be traced back as far as a decade ago. Before the great catastrophe that was the Energy Bill of 2005, monumental accomplishments were achieved in the preservation of Mother Nature. Environmental activists such as Rachel Carson made a stand and combatted those who carelessly polluted the atmosphere. She made people care about the environment in ways
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