The Inflence of Rivers and Climate on Baghdad, Iraq Essay

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The Inflence of Rivers and Climate on Baghdad, Iraq The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, along with their reaction to the climate, have both helped and hurt Baghdad, Iraq. The rivers provided pathways to other civilizations, allowing Baghdad to grow into the transportation and cultural center of Iraq. Its fertile soil, deposited by flooding, provided the area with the ability to become the birthplace of civilization through tremendous agricultural production. Although the flooding of the rivers greatly enhanced the area, it has also had disastrous effects, severely damaging food production and the culture of its people. Baghdad’s geographical location has allowed the city to flourish due to the availability of transportation. The…show more content…
The success of agricultural production allowed the area around Baghdad to become one of the first civilized societies in human history. Agricultural production was so tremendous that it provided people from ancient Mesopotamia to the relatively recent society of Baghdad a surplus to trade that other cultures desperately needed. The culture flourished as a result of its use of agricultural opportunity. The unpredictability of flooding has lead to highs and lows of agricultural production. The high points of agricultural production led to a prosperous, well fed, and culturally rich society. A few decades ago, Iraq had an extremely high level of food per capita in comparison with the surrounding areas. An increase in availability of food from 1,958 calories in 1961 to 3,200 calories per person between 1984 and 1990 surpassed the people’s requirement of 2,250 calories each day.3 This provided the people with a rich life, incorporating food as a large part of their culture. The cuisine was rich and diverse, consisting of large quantities of meat, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, with saffron and mint as widely used spices. Because it was available, extra food was usually

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