The Influence Of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler leadership was not significant because he made war world II. Hitler spread lies about the jews say the jews were greedy and were the reason for Germany’s economic troubles.
Adolf Hitler created a fascist politics in Germany known as the Nazi Party. Hitler claimed that Germany should taken from Germany by the Treaty of versailles.
The third Reich in power at the beginning of 1938, Hitler’s attention turned once more to Austria and the formal agreement on 11 July 1936 and on that date he urged caution on the Austrian Nazis, not waiting to cause international alarm and was Reich Chancellor on 3 February 1938 he asked friesh to resign.
Adolf Hitler is who caused me to leave my hometown of Germany and immigrated to America. As I am Jewish, Hitler made Germany an unsafe place for me. He mass-murdered 6,000,000 Jews in Germany during the Holocaust. He was truly a terrible man. On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born. He was not always so crude as we know him now. He really became mean when his younger brother Edmund died, changing his perspective of life. This was the start of the terrible Hitler we remember today. From that day on, Hitler transformed into a morose, sullen boy who was constantly fighting with his father, who he didn't have a very good relationship with. Hitler's childhood affected how he acted later in life. However, it wasn't just Hitler's childhood that turned him into a bad man. Hitler made some very wrong choices as an adult. As chancellor,
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