The Influence Of Adversity And Health Care

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The United States (the U.S.) is composed of various cultures and people that live in a “melting pot” environment. Today, the total number of people, who were born in foreign countries is 14 % of total population (Hart & Mareno, 2013). The way patients receive and perceive care, is largely determined by their language comprehension and socioeconomic status. A break in either of these factors can lead to misunderstanding, and ultimately, non-adherence with care that is being provided (Strunk, Townsend-Rocchiccioli, & Sanford, 2013).

Statement of Problem
Language and economic diversity, which exists substantially, has a significant impact on how patients receive healthcare services. Language comprehension and socioeconomic status can avert adequate patient care and lead to poor health outcomes. Furthermore, it can hinder the patient’s ability to learn preventative health behaviors and have a significant negative impact on adherence. A study done with Hispanic population by Strunk, Townsend-Rocchiccioli, and Sandford state that, “poor health outcomes in Hispanic populations can be attributed to language and cultural barriers…” (Strunk, et al., 2013). In addition, Zalmanovitch and Vashdi mention that “researchers have consistently found that a lower income is associated with poorer health. Poorer and less educated individuals are also more likely than higher income and more educated individuals to consult their GP” (Zalmanovitch & Vashdi, 2014).
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as it relates to preventative health behavior and
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