The Influence Of American Values

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Despite the fact that I am unabashedly myself and unintentionally vocal about most, if not all, of my opinions, I’ve never had a large confrontational moment in my life. The only instances in which I’ve had to defend what I believe in develop from the ideological clashes I have with my family.
Both of my parents were raised in a small pueblo in Guanajuato, Mexico and neither were able to complete their education past the middle school level. Their values are are geared towards family and being financially stable, contrasting the individualistic and free form thinking that is encouraged in the United States. Growing up, I’ve juggled the different values of the two cultures. I would select whichever ideal benefitted me the most at the moment, but as I am most consistently surrounded by the American value-system, it was inevitable that I’d lean further towards the American model of being. The dissonance in values has made itself evident more recently because of my looming adulthood. Self expression and leaving at 18 aren’t typical in
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You’re not American; you’re Mexican! That’s not how we do things! Defending my belief in how people are able to be how they wish in America, I told him that I was raised in a different country and in a different time period than him and that I was bound to have different opinions from him. We’re from different generations! We’ve had different experiences! I don’t have to believe the exact same things you do because we’re different people! Standing up for my Americanized ways that refused to mesh cohesively with the Mexican values my parents had emphasized, didn’t actually do much. My parents are stubborn and aren’t very willing to change the ideology that they’ve carried with them since they were children, but they have come to understand that there will always be a division in our
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