The Influence Of Amoxicillin On Peroxidase Activity And Growth Rate Of Raphanus Sativus L. Essay

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Amoxicillin has no Effect on Peroxidase Activity and Growth Rate of Raphanus sativus L
The prolific use of antibiotics in agricultural operations is raising concern because it is fed to their livestock, which is then excreted into the soil. The antibiotic concentration in the soil is producing antibiotic resistant bacteria. Plants that get exposed to this type of soil get their biochemistry disrupted. The following study was conducted as an attempt to determine if plant growth rate and peroxidase activity were two factors that are affected by the presence of antibiotics. To test this out, a specific amoxicillin- water solution was given to eight treatment plants. These plants were then compared to eight control plants. By statistically analyzing the data obtained using ANOVA, it was found that the null hypothesis was supported and that the antibiotic treatment had no significant effect on either growth or peroxidase activity.
Since the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century its use has widely prevailed. While its introduction to the medicine industry has brought many benefits like almost eradicating some diseases, its use is now bringing concern to public health. Antibiotics are excessively being used that the possibility of antibiotic resistant bacteria is a major risk. One huge source of antibiotic consumption comes from the agricultural business. Livestock like swine and poultry are fed subtherapeutic antibiotics as
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