The Influence Of Birth Control

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Birth control has had an impact on many young women’s lives throughout history. They have been around to protect women physically and emotionally. A lot of men may think it is to just avoid pregnancy, although, this is true, and it does other things as well such as preventing heavy menstrual periods, cramps, acne. There are people who believe young women should not have access to birth control without their parents’ consent but at the age of 16 they should be able to get birth control without consent from their parents. In the past birth control was first made to prevent pregnancy, women would try other methods and instead “relied on withdrawal or periodic abstinence” (Thompson). In “1873 the Comstock Act passed in the United States prohibiting advertisements, information, and distribution of birth control and allowing the postal service to confiscate birth control sold through the mail” (Thompson). About 43 years later the first birth control clinic had finally been open due to Margaret Sanger and later she had also pursued to create the first birth control pill. Women later had some access to it however, the condition to getting it was that you had to be married, there were many other women non-married who were still denied the access to birth control it wasn’t until the year of 1972 when it was finally legalized and did not require specific terms for it, “birth control is for all citizens of this country” (Thompson). In 2010 there was a new pill to fall back on which was
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