The Influence Of Blues On Jazz

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The Influence of Blues on Jazz The blues more than any other form of music is jazz 's greatest influence. From its origin in southern United States, in the 20th century, blues and jazz have had a strong correlation. "Both the blues and jazz have multiple definitions that sometimes go beyond music and speak to the processes and viewpoints that give these revered musical art forms relevance today." From a musical structure prospective, jazz would not exist if it was not for the creation of the music of blues. The blues and its influence on jazz (and vice versa) from its beginning to today cannot be explained by one word alone, but one has to hear their sounds to truly comprehend their meaning. Two musical examples to be analyzed are…show more content…
The third line is a response to the first two lines. The pattern is in the AAB form. In the song L.O.V.E by frank Sinatra, you can hear many elements of music. In the song you can hear drums at the start of the song, following the voice of Frank Sinatra. His voice is very monotone but he has expression in it. He also does some vibrato in order to express his feeling in the song. There is also a trumpet solo in the song as well. The song gives off a happy feeling. In the song L.O.V.E there is a lot of repetition. The repetition is a convening piece in the song I believe. At the end of the song the music gets louder and it crescendos and it gets faster. The initial tempo is slow at first but as the song progresses the tempo gets faster towards the end. In the song It Don 't Mean A Thing by Duke Ellington, you here the violin, piano and the drums at the initial start of the song followed by voice and trumpets. Duke Ellington makes his voice vibrato a couple times. In the song it sounds like a person talking but that is a trumpet with a plunger on the end to create the effect. There are multiple voices in the song. The song has a feel to it as if you are in a dance mood. It has a New Orleans feel. In the song there is a trumpet and violin solo. The song gradually gets louder and faster as it progresses for dramatic affect. Over all the song gives a feel of an old jazz club and the feeling of happiness. Over all
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