The Influence Of Body Image In The Media

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Although it is not easy to admit, there is a hidden pleasure in watching stick-thin models parade down the runway wearing the newest and hottest lingerie. As secretly amusing as this may be, should we really be supporting industries that make their revenue by exploiting women’s bodies in the media? Companies such as Victoria's Secret spend large amounts of money each year broadcasting these types of images on TV, in magazines, and on billboards. With the widespread access to media that exists today, Victoria’s Secret’s target audience is very large. In this paper, I will prove that the body image portrayed by Victoria Secret in the media changes body image ideals in society, supports racial stereotypes, and causes confidence issues in young women. One way that Victoria’s Secret influences body image is by changing body image ideals. One hundred years ago the idea of a “perfect body” was not the same as it is today. With the growth of the advertising industry, there has been a shift toward the idea that being “perfect” includes being tall and skinny with flawless hair and skin. Although this may seem appealing, it is not realistic. Victoria’s Secret has contributed to this notion by displaying only the thinnest and most attractive models in their ads. They use these models to make it seem as though looking thin and having zero flaws is normal. One example of this is Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body Campaign”. This ad displays perfectly thin model wearing a new line of
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