The Influence Of Body Image Of Teenage Girls

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How would you feel if you were being manipulated on your body image, rather than your talent, and beauty? Beauty is skin deep, but in the understanding of fashion industries, modeling businesses they believe that beauty is physical appearance. Fashion industries, modeling businesses are more than just clothing and making young teenage girls lives better. In fact, every teenage girl who is interacting with the fashion world is often being manipulated to look a certain way. Teenage girls are being pressured into a surreal ideal weight to becoming perfect for their industries. Teenage girls are trying to strive for perfection without realizing the negative side to their actions. While these teenage girls are facing huge difficulties, the fashion…show more content…
Due to highly amount of stress and busy schedules, the industry pressures young girls to always give their full attention and commitment. According to Whitt (2016) a spokesperson for Legacy Freedom treatment centers indicates, most teenage models in the fashion industry are still developing into becoming the ideal body of a model. They often gain weight, and models are preferred skinny and tall not like the body image of an average woman. Teenage girls feel pressured often to maintain the perfect body, which leads them to cocaine. Cocaine overcomes appetite, and gives a great amount of energy to keep girls always on the go, and ready. Not only cocaine but all types of harmful drugs to satisfy the expectations of the fashion industry’s…show more content…
As Howard, a fashion model, states “Their ideal of beauty is described by thinness.” (2015) The fashion industry was created to show clothing garments, or fashion pieces. Society’s mentality is focusing on the young girls who are models rather than the actual garment. The girl who is portraying it must be in the ideal body weight on specific guidelines in order to sell to people. Young girls would be told they were too fat if they gain one more pound. Beauty isn’t measured by body image, nor the weight of how much you scale. Beauty is skin deep. Beauty is found within and won’t be nor will it be described based on your how to portray
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