The Influence Of Cartoons In Nazi Germany

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This conventional and hackneyed cliché nevertheless holds an essential truth that applies to images circulated in society. Not only do pictures express words, but they also convey opinions, stereotypes, and negativity. The dissemination of images feeds the minds of observers, and inevitably molds the opinions of viewers. Cartoonists are aware of this knowledge and are able to channel the importance of this saying to deliver messages about situations, groups of people, or historical events. They hold the power to influence society with the drawings they produce and the additive features they incorporate into their cartoons.
Cartoons and altered images are a significant element in propaganda. The images
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Through speeches, newspapers, magazines, and posters the Nazis disseminated their views as well as their opposition to anyone who could not fit the mold of Adolf Hitler’s ideal Aryan Race. Hitler viewed this racial group as the dominant race above all others and excluded the rest of the nation as insignificants. Not only were all the “others” insignificant, but also they were a severe problem that needed to be acted upon and demolished. This group of others comprised of the Jews and the media was relentless in framing them as a dire threat to Hitler’s master…show more content…
Their untamed nature expressed in the cartoons insinuated a danger surrounding the Jews that needed to be feared. This highlights that the already clarified difference and otherness attributed to Jews is a more urgent issue that needs to be acted upon. The correlation and common theme of world domination shows the Jewish threat to a thriving and peaceful society, which resulted in a need to exclude them from society. These cartoons clearly opposed Jewish animals as low status creatures trying to elevate themselves as conquerors of the
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