The Influence Of Cell Phones On Communication

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Waking up, what is the first thing you do? We, as most teens, check our phones for the time, or any messages from the day before. Others get rudely awaken from it. Don’t you see how much we rely on our cell phone? It has become one of the most natural thing to do. These devices have affected us in tremendous ways, such as, shaping our perspectives, changing how we interact, and also controlling our education.To begin with, cell phones have modified our views of one another. For example, we use our phones so much, that we think it’s common to use it anywhere. According to Article 1, it states that, “..adults saw texting in more situations, using it to contact friends, and see texting as acceptable.” It also claims that many see using cell phones during church and dinner was fine. This shows how welcoming we are to using these technology, even during other events. Furthermore, texting has made us misguided and confused. It has made us assume the worst outof everyone, just based one simple text message. Erin Stewart, author of “Does cell phone use really affect our communication skills?”, mentions “..if two people are involved in an escalatedconflict, and they each assume that the other is going to be aggressive and hostile, then any ambiguous message will be interpreted as aggressive and hostile, even if it was not intended tobe that way at all.” This explains how quick we are to just judge one another. Texting has misledus to believing anything we want on the other side of
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