The Influence Of Churchill

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This film shows us that how influential was Churchill during the second world war. At the beginning of this film, we are the eyewitnesses of the discussion between Churchill, Halifax and Chamberlain. It was the so-called ‘May 1940 War Cabinet Crisis’. After the long conversation, they took a decision to appoint the next Prime Minister in the person of Churchill. He was the best choice to lead the war and Britain’s battle against Nazi Germany. He was a talented orator and with his speeches he tried to boost up the morale of the British nation. He was a close friend of Roosevelt and this friendship started after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Later 3 biggest leaders(Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin) of this war at the Tehran Conference they met and planned the final stages of the strategy to defeat the Nazi Germany.…show more content…
Then we could see Churchill with the Royals at the balcony of Buckingham’s palace where the crowds gathered to celebrate the Victory in Europe. Churchill’s reception as a victorious war leader was mixed. The King of UK, George IV fully supported him as a leader. On the other hand, he was ignored by the Social party who disbanded the national government to give a chance for the election. The main reason was that the British people wanted full employment and proper welfare state. During the speech in the radio, Churchill tried to prove the socialists were not allowing the free speech, but on the other side they would like to “fall back on some form of Gestapo”. This statement caused his failure of the July 1945-election. In conclusion, definitely I think he was the best war leader of all times. But also we have to admit that he had no right to govern the country that he wouldn’t give a chance of election to the British nation. It was necessary step to give the chance to the nation to reform the British
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