The Influence Of College Football On American Culture

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During the early 20th century college football played a bad role and influence on American culture by diminishing a good college education. I oppose the role that college football had on American culture because it took away from the main purpose of going to college, which was getting a good education for most Americans. Since the US was involved in World War 1, many veterans came back to the US with no jobs. College coaches were exploiting veterans by concentrating on making their team better rather than wanting them to focus on an education, so that they could get a good job in the future.
When recruiting athletes for football college coaches went to find the fittest guys to improve their teams, and those guys just happen to be veterans coming back from war with no jobs. Once veterans came back and joined collegiate football teams, they became impecunious athletes in college and after if they didn’t focus on an education as well. But to collegiate coaches in the 20th century getting an education so that athletes can have a well-paying job in the future was not their concern. According to the Carnegie report which said, “the presence of the impecunious athlete in American schools, his desire to secure the advantages of a college education, and his inability or unwillingness to distinguish between proper and improper assistance have combined to produce a fertile field in which to sow the tares of commercialized exploitation and subsidies” (The Carnegie 227). Stating that athletes in American schools are poor and in need of financial support. Therefore, an education should be the main thing collegiate coaches tell athletes when they’re recruiting them. If war veteran is convinced to just focus on football while in college and that education isn’t as important, then they’re just going to be even poorer once their eligibility is up. Getting an education should be a priority when coming into college, because with little education the harder it is for athletes who aren’t going professional to find a well-paying job after college.
With most college football players in the 20th century being indigent athletes, coaches had to find a way to get the best of the best players for their team. Even if they had to pull a

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