The Influence Of Content Marketing

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Companies have started hiring manpower in seeking to maintain a positive social media outlook for the community to associate with. Today having social connections with your consumers does mean a lot to your company’s reputation, it is not always about having quality goods and services only (Wege, C. and Haenlein, 2013). Companies now no longer see marketing themselves in social media as a want but as a need that has to be done. It has influenced the marketing strategy that almost seventy-six percent of businesses use it to fully reach the targets in their marketing objectives. Direct sales on the other have been increasing, triggered by an increase in the use of smartphones and electronic means of payment (Wege, C. and Haenlein, 2013).…show more content…
(Armstrong, Kotler, Harker & Brennan, 2015) Branding tries to establish and maintain a reputation for companies’ product or name so that the client can trust the use of the product. They feel proud being associated with the company and also surprisingly, so do the companies employees. They tend to be more loyal to the product they are using and with that give more referrals to the people they know in case they needed such kind of a product (Hunt, 2017). Brand advertising can do through the social media with a higher success rate, so companies add it to their marketing strategies. The benefit will be more direct sales achieved as consumers want your product over others. Just like with all business decisions, marketing on social media does come with risk. If the social media is not implemented correctly. For example, all marketing and sales people should have knowledge of the social media page and should be portraying the same brand for the company throughout. The brand should not change just because It should carry the same characteristics of a company’s regular marketing plan and it should be monitored at all times. While survey’s may ask for customer complaints and someone can be called back about a complaint, or a customer could call in with a complaint which will get handled during normal business hours but with social media, communication is constant. It is twenty-four hours a day seven
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