The Influence Of Culture In South America

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One of the first impressions that I have when I started the university was that great diversity of thought, it was that great diversity of actions, it was that permission to think and do whatever I want. People have freedom to do whatever they want without being scared or without thinking in the society patterns that I used to have in South America. I mean, coming from a traditional society in the Andes region where everything was right or wrong, where some actions cannot be accepted, and where the society judge with a different social cultural perspective than the American perspective. Excessive freedom used in a good and bad ways was the culture in the United States. Culture is the sum total of the knowledge, ideas, behaviors, and material…show more content…
American society shows social patterns where people do not subject to the eyes of the society where they do not alienate to close-minded patterns of the society. I mean, American people still have to follow laws and basic society patterns, but they do not close their minds to just right or bad consequences. In fact, American culture is a society where there is a great action of liberty and agency in people. In fact, it was really positive to open my mind to the American culture and avoid those Latin-Europe stereotypes that are strongly part of the society.
Anthropology helps us to improve our knowledge of new cultures and understand them and to get good and awesome key principles of the society. I love how with anthropology we can see other perspective in peoples lives and see how society cultural values work in individual and big groups. I think that Anthropology is the base for analyzing the social sciences in a culture. For example, studies in anthropology gives a base of why a group of people follow some cultural values and why they do it, with that base we can do a more specific study of the society cultural values but related with other branches of social sciences like psychology, sociology, and
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