The Influence Of Digital Media

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Digital media and technologies are becoming a vital part of our lives and in our interactions every day. These technologies are spreading substantially around the globe, creating with it some questions regarding the extent of the impact digital media have on our understanding of reality. Wondering about how much of an effect such a shift could bring to our understanding and experience of ourselves and the world around us itself.

Almost all people in all ages are updating their profiles in various social media sites and interacting with others and with the world around them at the same time through smartphones and other digital devises. Yet, in the other hand, the idea of a technology that can fundamentally alter the way we experience reality without us noticing is quite un-clear. While we choose individuality in the sense of self-construction, many factors merge together to shape our new perspective on the world.
We gain our understanding of self within our culture, values, society and memories, and in this way we understand and interact with the world around us. And in such means it is hard to believe that these new tools that we use to contact could construct our understanding or our reality.

In this essay, I will examine the extent of digital media communication and technology on the way we perceive our world and the shift that they could bring in shaping our realty. To do this, I will examine some social media sites such as Facebook and digital technologies we use in
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