The Influence Of Divorce On The Church Of England

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The Church of England was different from other Protestant sects in many ways. It was established by King Henry VIII so he could divorce his older baron wife and so he could marry his young new mistress. He needed to break away and make his own church because the Catholic Church would not allow for him to get a divorce. They said that Henry and his first wife had been married for too long to get a divorce. The Catholic Church also encouraged the act of buying indulgences. Indulgences were a piece of paper you would pay for basically taking off some of your years in purgatory. Purgatory was kind of like the waiting room between heaven and hell. There was a man named Martin Luther who didn’t agree with the act of buying indulgences. He thought that you didn’t have to pay to get into heaven, many people thought that you would have to pay because they hadn’t read The Bible yet because it wasn’t translated into their language. …show more content…

The Pope from the Catholic Church had eventually excommunicated Martin Luther making it so he couldn’t return to the church. The Church of England allowed for King Henry to divorce five times, and marry six

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