The Influence Of Family And School Collaboration

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Scully, Barbour and Roberts-King (2014) detail the essential need for collaboration with families and communities and strategies to use when working with families. The authors highlight the influence that family and school collaboration has on the students and the school community, and the diverse ways that they can get involved in school events and creating community with the other parents. In establishing positive communication schools must develop welcoming and available environments to form comfortable contact.

Ongoing communication partnerships established with parents can take the form of informal face-to-face with brief conversations demonstrating the teachers care and understanding of the child’s learning and skills, and the parents’ involvement in the learning process. Written communication to inform parents about school information, ongoing
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Good relationships, however, can be inhibited through negative attitudes, and dissimilarities in communication styles. It is important to emphasise community involvement and contributions to negate any barriers.

Vajda, M. (2001). Cultural diversity. In Dau, E. (ed.) The Anti-bias approach to early childhood (pp. 29-44). French’s Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia.

Vajda (2001) details Australia’s diversity through highlighting Australia’s history and its culture and the need for quality, interculturally sensitive programs. Australian society embraces multiculturalism, recognising, acknowledging and valuing the ethnic minorities and their retention of their diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in language, and religion. Australian history is characterised by migration to Australia throughout the years beginning with Aboriginals and followed by 4 waves of cultures from around the globe to form a linguistically and culturally diverse
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