The Influence Of Family On My Family

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When being asked “Who am I?” there are a few things that come to my mind. For instance, how old I am, my race, my religion, what I do for a living, and so on, but do those things really define who I am? Self – concept is a continuous process. The way you think of yourself, and how you view yourself, can change from day to day depending on a few factors. These factors include family members, our peers, and the generalized other.
Family members have a huge impact on our self-concept in many ways. Even when we are just small children, our family members are already influencing us, mostly through direct definitions and life scripts. Direct definitions are important, especially as a child, because they tell us who we are and how we should feel about it. For example, when I was a little girl my dad would always call me his “big girl,” which made me feel independent and more confident in the things I did. I’ve always been a very shy person, but when my dad would tell me I was a “big girl,” it gave me the confidence to do whatever I put my mind to. Life scripts are guides to living and explanations of who our family is. I come from a very religious family and that has taught me to always put God first, no matter what. I believe this concept reflects my family because we all worship together and we all value it the same, which is shown in how we carry ourselves. Family members influence us through attachment styles as well. Attachment styles are ways of relating that we learn in our first relationships with caregivers. These styles can be secure, fearful, dismissive, or anxious/ambivalent, depending on how we were treated as an infant and can influence our later relationships far beyond our first years. For instance, I know both of my parents love me unconditionally, but being that my parents have been divorced since I was two, I find it very hard to trust men. I’ve realized that my dad leaving my mother at such an early time in my life has affected my relationships and has made it extremely hard for me to trust people, especially men.
Our peers help shape who we are as well, because the way they treat us is who we believe ourselves to be. We start realizing we are different from our peers at a very early age, so

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