The Influence Of Fashion Codes In American Beauty Culture

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Photos of youthful, skinny ladies (and teens) are seen all over TV, magazines, social media sites and even kids toys like Barbie and Ken, dolls and puppets. These pictures portray what the perfect women should look like in American Beauty Culture. Society today has ladies (and teens) being either skinny and starving or stout and full. I know numerous women, I included, who think they are ugly in light of the width of their clothes. According to Fatema Mernissi in “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem,” she believes that the American fashion industry is controlled by men and is used as a way to dictate “…what women should wear and how they should look” (278). This does not just apply to women and teenage girls; this can be seen with the image being portrayed as the perfect man and teenage boys.
In today’s world, the lifestyle of a person is strongly influenced by the media culture who set the trends. It should be noted that it is not something that is coerced on people but transpires due to peer pressure and the urge of wanting to be considered beautiful by following the trends of the era. In this paper, we will set a discourse concerning how dress codes of American women have been profoundly influenced by the Fashion industry. From Mernissi’s awful encounter with a saleslady in a New York department store, we can see that the fashion industry has pushed a store to carry only what they consider to be an average female size of 4 or 6. This is a problem that has invaded
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