The Influence Of Follower Motivation

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In addition, she also uses behaviorism. Most notably, punishments are provided for undesirable behaviors. In turn, it discourages the likelihood that followers will repeat the behavior (Ben-Hur & Kinley, 2015). For instance, employees that perform poorly and oftentimes dismissed. In fact, in one quarter during 2013, 600 of the lowest performing employees were dismissed (Lobello, 2013). Mayer claimed this improved the performance of employees that were not fired.
Techniques Used to Influence Follower Motivation
Zuckerberg and Mayer use drastically different strategies to influence follower motivation. Zuckerberg empowers and engages followers, communicates a compelling vision, intellectually inspires, encourages collective goals,
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These behaviors can sabotage the organization’s goals, resources, and effectiveness and adversely affect the motivation, well-being, and job satisfaction of followers (Sheard, Kakabadse, & Kakabadse, 2013). Leaders with self-destructive tendencies often not to intentionally harm the organization or followers, but because of their thoughtlessness and insensitivity they effectively do so (Sheard, Kakabadse, & Kakabadse, 2013).
Zuckerberg is impulsive and narcissistic. For example, Zuckerberg purchased Instagram on an impulse. In fact, the deal was set up and finalized in one weekend (Eaton, 2012). According to Lewis (n.d.), impulsive leaders can destabilize organizations. Further, impulsive leaders may tend to fire employees suddenly, which could create a constant fear of uncertainty among followers (Lewis, n.d.).
Additionally, Zuckerberg was ranked the third most narcissistic CEO in the technology industry (Jackson, 2013). Narcissism is linked to the personalized use of power (Padilla, Hogan, & Kaiser, 2007). Narcissists may test their judgment, which sometimes causes them to take unnecessary risks (Padilla, Hogan, & Kaiser, 2007). Narcissism is also linked to overreach, so they tend to make ill-advised acquisitions and pay more than market value to acquire them (Padilla, Hogan, & Kaiser, 2007).
Like Zuckerberg, Mayer is also a
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