The Influence Of Food On Food

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Food has acted as a huge influence on our world and has shaped both our politics and our economy into what they have become today. The book “An Edible History of Humanity”, described the influence of food on ancient civilizations and how it continued to mold politics and economics as time went on. Parts two and three specifically described the origins of food’s influence on politics and economics, and then continued on describing how humanity began using food to expand and grow. Civilizations in both parts took advantage of trade to gain power, and also used trade to further boost their economies, however they went to different lengths to achieve these things so the outcomes were varied.

Both parts feature civilizations looking to gain power through use of food. Part two speaks of the emergence of Big Men; a man who had won the control of the food transfers and trade within the group of people he lived with. Big Men would keep the food moving; doing favors for people with the expectation that it would be returned down the road. The average Big Man was only in it for the respect, because while he constantly had food and goods in his possession, they were all traded off almost as quickly as they came in so he didn’t get to keep much for himself or his family at all. More often than not, he was worse off than his customers. As time passed, Big men evolved into Elites, who instead of trading off all of their surpluses, they ate part of their surpluses and used the rest to
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