The Influence Of Gender Roles

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The Influence of Gender Role Stereotyping
Shawn Berkley
Santa Fe College


Study on gender role stereotypes has shown that there are several negative effects of stereotyping. The study on how gender role stereotyping effects children is not as prevalent because most believe that it doesn’t matter, since children are just forming their stereotype so children do not care. However, some psychologists have done some research on it, and from their research found out that children used a mixture of moral and social conventional reasoning
(Including stereotypes), to evaluate complicated situations that called for judgments about both the inclusion of someone and the exclusion. That included information about the children 's past experiences. Other studies have stated that the parents also have a huge impact on children’s gender role stereotype. From having an absent father to having parents argue about money or their children, could have effect on how children see their own or the opposite gender. This paper will review the current literature on how the gender role stereotypes effect people.
Keywords: gender stereotypes, emerging adulthood, role congruency, backlash effects

The Influence of Gender Role Stereotyping
Gender role stereotyping has been shown to reduce performance of men. However, when women are put in similar situations for them, it was in some ways elevating their social status, and thus this may not have…
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