The Influence Of Gender Stereotypes In Sports

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The table illustates the proportion of young British boys in two different groups of age taking part in 5 sports in 2010.
Overall, activities with balls were more attractive to boys aged from 6 to 11. Meanwhile, the two groups shared the same preference towards swimming.
In 2010, both two groups of boys were most interested in football. While 87% of boys who were between 6 and 11 played football, 78% of boys from 12 to 16 spent time in this sport. Meanwhile, the percentage of the younger group participating in basketball was 35% and this firgue for the other group was lower, at 25%. Besides, 45% of 6-to-11-year-old boys were fond of cricket, compared to 34% of 12-to-16-year-old boys.
Only around one fifth of school boys were involved in rugby
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